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・A Famous YOU TUBER(Ms.Erica Lion) came to our dojo for experiencing Aikido!

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・SIAF International Seminar in Yamanashi Japan  on May 19th - 21st 2018! 


We announce that there is SIAF International seminar taking place in Yamanashi Japan from May 19th to 21st 2018.

Please apply and register by April 28th 2018 when you are interested to join this seminar!


Contact: info@gozoshioda.com



 We announce to start to sell LINE Stamp of Aikido Master "Gozo Shioda".


You can click and download here





・SIAF Soke Yasuhisa Shioda just started his BLOG (Japanese: http://www.gozoshioda.com/shioda-s-blog/).



・New Dojo just opened at Toyocho,Tokyo in February 2016! 


・New DVD of Shioda Soke will be released on Feb 20th.


  "Aikido Ultimate Introduction"(\5,724)

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